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Special One Time Experience Fencing Sessions For Scouts
Have you ever wondered what the sport of fencing is all about? 
Sign up today to learn more and take part in this unique sport. 
Who knows? You may be a natural at it!










Fencing is the sport of swordplay. Fencers face off against one another not for blood or honor, but for points. Fencing is a great example of a sport where you compete one on one but you're working together as a group to win the day's match. Fencing requires strength, speed, balance, and a very sharp mind. Fair play and sportsmanship are essential.

Instruction will be given by enthusiastic coaches from Front Range Fencing Club

Scouts will be trained on fencing safety and fundamentals in a group lesson. Scouts will learn about the history and basic techniques of modern sword fighting (weapons have plastic blunted tips, nothing sharp) and then they will spar or as fencers say, bout against one another!  All fencing gear equipment is provided. Remember fencing is a combat sport so dress appropriately. Students MUST wear gym shoes, t-shirt and gym pants. Sorry no jeans, capris, khakis, slacks, leggings, skinny pants, shorts, sandals, boots.


Troops and Packs of 8 or more can be scheduled.

Discount for 10 or more in the same session.
Email to schedule your special time.

Dress Code

For safety and ease of learning please be sure your fencer arrives in appropriate clothing.

Scouts learning the fencing salute
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