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 Front Range Fencing Club offers classes for beginners. Fencing is a fun and exciting sport that children, teens and adults can all learn. Equipment use is included for these classes.


All fencers progress through Beginning Fencing. Fencers will then be ready for the Intermediate classes.

In the Intermediate class equipment use is still included! 


For Recreational Fencers we offer practices more than one day a week.  Fencers may come to as many as they want. Drills, footwork, and bouting appropriate to the skill level occur at each practice. 


Competitive fencing practice is offered more than one day a week.  The Competitive practices are also longer and the fencers may come to as many as practices as they want. They will participate in drills, footwork, bouting, and conditioning. 

Certified Coaches teach all of our classes and programs.
We are rated one of USA Fencing "Top Clubs" and
“Best Fencing Clubs” by National Fencing Club Rankings.
Class size is limited so there is lots of individual attention.

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