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Only one closure this month but be aware that March has Spring Break and other school events.

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All the helpful information that you will need.
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Upcoming local competition schedule*:


8-10 South Coast RYC/RJCC RYC,RJCCY10,Y12,Y14,CDT South Coast Fencing
     Center Region 4 Pasadena CA

9-10 Colorado Cup #4, Fencing Academy of Denver
16 New Mexico Fencing Foundation in Santa Fe, NMSanta Fe March Melee

22-24 Fortune Fencing SYC/RJCC SYC,RJCCY8,Y10,Y12,Y14,CDT,JNR Fortune
     Fencing Region 4 Ontario CA

23-24 Fencing Academy of Denver Littleton, E & Under Tournament

30-4/1 Challenge by the Bay RYC/RCCRYC, RCCY10,Y12,Y14,CDT North Bay
     Fencing Academy Region 4 Fremont CA



5-7 ROC of the Rockies ROCD1A,DV2,VET,DV3 Denver Fencing Center     
     Region 4 Denver CO

6-7 4th Annual Las Vegas Epee Only  RYC/RJCRYC,RJCY8,Y10,Y12,14,JNR
     Battle Born Fencing Club Region 4 Las Vegas NV

12-14 5th Annual Precision RYC & RJC RYC,RJCY10,Y12,Y14,JNR Precision
     Athletics Fencing Club Regio 4 Torrance CA

13 Glenwood Springs Comm. Art Center Veterans Cup #3 plus Senior Epee

20-21 The Fencing Center DIV2/Vet ROC ROC DV2,VET The Fencing
     Center Region 4 San Jose CA
20 Univ of Colorado Boulder Rec Center in Boulder, Flower Power, Mixed Epee

27 Four Corners FC, VFW Durango, COGroupers' Strife, Open Epee & E&Under



3-5 Golden State Classic RYCRYCY10,Y12,Y14 LA Fencing Academy of
     Pomona Region 4 Pomona CA

11-12 Denver Fencing Center, Mandel Sporting Events Charity Tournament

11-12 Collegiate Cup RJCC RJC CCDT, JNR University Of California San Diego
     Region 4 San Diego CA 

18-19 Fencing Academy of Denver, Colorado Youth Cup #6

25 Glenwood Springs Library, CO Western Slope Cup #4, Sr. Mixed Epee

Schedule and entry subject to change. For the most up to the minute competition schedule please use the following links:


For USA Fencing Local events follow this link:

For USA Fencing Regional events (we are region 4) follow this link:

For USA National Events go to:

Fencer Name on Jacket Back Requirements

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