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Yes, we have fencing in the Summer. July fencing will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In August we will return to the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday schedule. 
Beginning Musketeer, Youth Intermediate and Beginning Teen/Adult classes will move to Wednesday.
Don't forget to renew your USA Fencing Membership NLT 7/31. Go to:








FRFC Club Patches are available ($15).

All the helpful information that you will need.
See the FRFC Member Handbook!

Upcoming local competition schedule*:

June 29-July 8 USA Fencing National Championships & July Challenge (Summer Nationals)

*Schedule and entry subject to change. For the most up to the minute competition schedule please use the following links:


For USA Fencing Local events follow this link:

For USA Fencing Regional events (we are region 4) follow this link:

For USA National Events go to:

Fencer Name on Jacket Back Requirements

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