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Learning To Fence

Beginning Fencing Classes Are Available For Children, Teens and Adults!

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What people are saying...

Quotes from students:

“The class is fun and you learn a lot.”

“I like to fence because it's fun and athletic.”

“Fencing is physically and mentally engaging and fun!”

“I have been impressed with the instruction.”

Quotes from parents:

“The class is well run and there is attention to detail.”


“My child loves it and the instructors are awesome.”


“I love how it helps with agility.”


“My son tried lots of sports and fencing was the best for him.”

What will you learn?


Each class will start with a fun warm up to improve conditioning and flexibility.  

Beginners will develop a basic vocabulary and learn the movements of fencing. Skills are introduced and practiced with rotating partners. When beginners are ready they will bout with other students.

All instruction is under the supervision of accredited coaches. Students will learn about fencing safety and the importance of protective gear and fencing rules.

Why Fence?


Fencing is so much more than playing with swords. Fencing combines the athleticism of basketball or tennis with the discipline of a martial art. The grace and historic qualities of fencing are impressive but fencing is much, much more. 

Fencing is a fast, complex game with a clashing of ideas, tactics and technique.  It improves reaction and motivation. Students learn good sportsmanship and self-discipline. Physical fitness, coordination, speed and agility will improve. It trains body and spirit and teaches respect. 
Besides, fencing is really fun. Fencing is a fast, versatile, game of skills, for many levels of abilities.

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