Tired of the treadmill?
Fencing is a great workout that challenges your mind, too. Adults can compete. There are specific divisions for fencers
40+, 50s, 60s and even 70s!


Dress Code

For safety and ease of learning please be sure
your fencer arrives in appropriate clothing.

Adult and Teen Beginning Fencing  

Class fee is $89 for 4 classes. 
Affordable equipment rental is available. Mask, protector and weapon are only $25 for the 4 week class.
Students should wear gym shoes; t-shirt and gym pants. Sorry no jeans, capris, khakis, shorts or sandals. 
*Active Duty 50% Rebate on Teen and Adult Beginning Fencing Class, email for rebate. *Discounts can' t be combined.

All classes meet Chinook Trail Elementary, 11795 Grand Lawn Circle, Colorado Springs, 80924

Classes Fill - Register Early
Classes fill - Register Early - Scroll down for class specifics.

Teen and Adult
Beginning Fencing


Each class starts with a fun warmup activity.  Fencing positions and movement are added each week until beginners start to "bout" and use their basic knowledge. Class fee is $89. Discounts may apply. Equipment rental $25 All classes meet 7:00-7:50pm

Available Classes:

Tuesdays, July 7-28, 7:00-7:50pm

Fall Classes Start In September

Schedule Will Be Available Soon

Teen and Adult
Intermediate Fencing

Refine your fencing skills and add new foot and blade work as you improve in this 4 week class. The Intermediate curriculum prepares you for the Adult Fencing Practice. You may still rent all the class gear just like in Level One. The class even meets on the same day and time! Class fee is $110 with equipment rental. All classes meet 7:00-8:00pm

Available class dates: 

Studies report the analytical and abstract concepts of fencing heighten math skills.
Did you know 32% of HS fencers will compete in college! (The average for all other sports is only 7.6%)
Fencing is an Olympic and a NCAA sport. Front Range Fencing has helped attain over $2 million in college scholarships for its students.

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Adult Fencing

As you progress through the Adult Fencing curriculum and practices you will start to work at various skill levels, engage in higher level games and drills to increase your skill and confidence while continuing to refine foot and blade work. The Adult Fencing Program meets once a week on Thursdays, 6:40-8:00pm. Each class includes an array of activities that develop core strength, flexibility, and speed as well as technical and tactical exercises that will accelerate your fencing development. For fencers who are interested the curriculum begins to incorporate necessary competition skills and you will start electrically scored bouting. At this point you are ready to purchase your own fencing gear: Mask, Jacket, Chest and Underarm Protector, Electric Epee, Glove and Body Cord. Fencers can be sized and equipment ordered prior to starting the Adult Fencing program.

Refer to calendar on Info for Members page for monthly schedules.

August class will be offered remotely via Zoom

Class meets Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00-7:00pm

Other Options  


Private Lessons
This is a one on one lesson with a coach. Ten minute Private Lessons come in groups of four and must be pre-paid. Lesson sign up is available during class or practice. Lessons are available outside of class time for current members. Students should be warmed up, stretched and ready to go at the start of the scheduled lesson time. These lessons are a supplement to a regular class or practice. Lessons are available from any coach. Please discuss scheduling with the coach.

Recreational Fencing
This practice meets two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday and allows fencers to attend an unlimited number of practices each month. Students will continue work on fencing skills. Recreational fencers cycle through monthly sessions and may continue with this program until they are interested in joining the Competitive Practice and demonstrate the confidence and skills needed. Practice fee varies based on the number of class days in a month.  Fencers will start to fence with electrical scoring equipment. Practice fee does not include use of equipment. Each fencer must have their own mask, jacket, chest protector, underarm protector, glove, body cord and epee. Fencers can be sized and equipment ordered prior to starting the Recreational program.





Competitive Training Program
This program meets two days a week, Tuesday and Thursday and allows fencers to attend an unlimited number of practices each month. This program offers small group drills and footwork. The aim of the program is to produce top competitive fencers in their age group. Practice fee does not include use of equipment during class time. Class fee varies based on the number of class days in a month.