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Getting the Most From Your Zoom Fencing

Fencers need a space where they can make fencing and athletic movements. Coaches need to be able to see the entire fencer in order to give the best feedback. Yes, we need to see them head to toe.

It is best to use a laptop or a tablet if possible, rather than a phone. This way the fencer can easily see the coach instructions. If you use your phone to chromecast or a different format to your tv then that would also work.

Turn on your video to be seen and do not mute yourself. We want the student interaction and comments just like we were at in-person training. Ask questions!

Try to position your device so that you don’t have to look sideways to see instruction. Placing it at eye level is best. Clear a space so you can move without bumping something.

Be sure to sign up before class day. This will give us time to get the correct link and log in information to you. Make sure your zoom app is up to date. You don’t want to waste class time updating. Keep your phone or other distractions out of the room so you can concentrate on the fencing class.

Try to log in 5 minutes prior. This gives us time to let everyone in so fencers can start from the beginning with warm up and stretch. Yes, we will be doing everything that we do in the gym, except bouting.

Fencers should wear the shoes they normally wear to fencing. This is important. Bare feet slide around on carpet. Hard floors can bruise the heels of fencing making repeated lunges.

Have everything you will need right there. This includes your epee, glove, fencing mask and water bottle. 2 tennis balls and a fencing dummy or target are also helpful. TO make a dummy at home, wrap your fencing jacket around the back of a chair and zip a pillow in it. Rest the bottom of the jacket on the seat of the chair. Place the back of the chair against a wall for support, so it doesn’t fall over. It might be a good idea to put a towel on the back of the chair to protect it and the wall.

The class only meets for a short time but fencers can work out again on their own. We are even providing recordings of class that can be downloaded for use later.

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