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Its a Marathon Not A Sprint

College Recruiting Overview From

If you can answer "yes" to these 3 questions, there is a roster spot out there for you:

1. Will I be a positive representative of the team, program and school? ... Good Character

2. Will I be a positive addition to the roster and make the team better? ... Athletic Skill

3. Will I be able to succeed both athletically and academically at this school? ... Solid Academics

** Steps to College: A Quick Overview of the Recruiting Timeline **

Senior year HS * Narrow your list of schools to 3 to 5, stay in contact with coaches on a weekly basis. * Ask for the timeline in which they will make offers. * Quickly let schools know if you're no longer interested * Contact players on your short list of schools, get their direct feedback on the school and program. * Take official visits to schools on your short list, meet coaches and players. * Complete FAFSA form, get college applications in early and apply to all schools on your short list. * Keep your grades up - avoid Senior Slump! * Character is key, make good choices every day. Who are you when no one is looking? * Post nothing on social media you may later regret. Don't let a 100 character tweet cost you a $100,000 scholarship! * Receive, consider and respond to all written offers from schools * Make the decision - make sure it's your decision! Junior year HS * Continue to research schools but narrow your list to 10 to 15 schools. * Keep in contact with coaches often , let them know of your continued interest and also if you're no longer interested. * Continue to send videos & grades to schools you are interested in. Be your own advocate & keep your name out there! * Ask coaches where you stand on their recruiting list and their timeline. * Take SAT/ACT Tests. * Look to attend Showcase games and tournaments and let coaches know your schedule. * Continue to play at the highest level of club/HS team you can. Get feedback on where you can improve skills. * Make unofficial visits to schools you're interested in. * Take AP courses, challenge yourself academically!

Sophomore year HS * Register with NCAA & NAIA eligibility Centers, complete recruiting questionnaires for all schools on your list. * Begin compiling highlight & game videos, consider setting up a channel within YouTube. * Continue to research and update your list and write coaches & schools. Send videos and/or links to videos. * Consider working with a speech coach to develop and improve communications skills - make a good first impression when you talk to coaches * Begin making phone calls to coaches, let them know your game / meet / match schedule - stay on their radars! * Take SAT / ACT practice tests and/or test prep courses, keep your grades up. * Pick a good attitude and show it. Recognize that nothing is owed to you just because you're a good athlete. Freshman year HS * Continue your research & compile an initial list of 20 to 30 schools you're interested in. Rank schools based on the attributes that are most important to you *Begin writing coaches of schools you're interested in, get on their radars and get your name out there! * Play at the highest level of club/HS team you can. Ask your coaches where you need improvement and set goals. * Look for College camps and clinics to attend. * Good grades are critical ALL 4 years of HS - hit the ground running freshman year! * Consider working with a personal trainer to improve speed, strength and overall athleticism.

8th Grade * Research & start a list of colleges you're interested in. Aim to begin writing college coaches during your freshman year of HS. * Work on study and time management skills, important to get good grades beginning with Freshman year of HS! * Character matters, make good choices … every day. Learn to be very careful of what you put on social media. * Play at the highest level of club team you can. Ask your current coach what you need to do athletically to compete well at the HS level.

This is a quick overview of the recruiting timeline. Timetables may differ somewhat by sport, division, school and gender, but this provides a basic idea of the process. There are some constants that that apply to almost all athletes in all sports: Start the process early, thoroughly research your schools, take care of your grades, advocate for but be honest about yourself, be proactive and be responsive.


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