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Rules updates

Here are some important rules from the US SEMI Committee that you want to be sure and comply with for competition as well as practice.

Mask Elastic Safety Straps

The elastic retaining strap on the back of masks will be checked during equipment check to ensure that they are serviceable and in good condition.Worn, loose or stretched out straps will be cause for a mask to be rejected. To fix this just buy some new elastic and sew it on. Previous mask checks still apply

Gloves Holes in gloves are not allowed. Worn-through top surface in an area subject to being hit by your opponents will not be allowed. Glue is an acceptable repair. Tape covering holes is not acceptable.

Use of Solder and Shrinkwrap to Terminate Weapon Wires

The US SEMI has determined that this method of connecting weapon wires to the socket violates the rules, and therefore is not an accepted practice. Referees have been informed to reject weapons using this method of connection, and can result in appropriate penalties.

Presentation of Bodycords for Armorer Inspection

Bodycords may be presented for inspection tied, so long as the free ends can be separated by at least 12" and completely visible.

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