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Its Broken Now What?

Fencing gear does break and what happens when it does. You may choose to give it to the armorer who will repair it for a fee, or you could repair it yourself. Some of the repairs are quite simple. Attend FRFC's free Armory Clinic for Parents on October 10, 6-8pm. Bring a notepad or video cam.

This is a fun and easy hands on clinic taught by our club armorer Denise Lanwehr. Lots of helpful advice. Don't miss it!

Does not go off – NO light! Possibilities

Broken wire in epee, body cord or reel Blade wire broken at guard socket Contact spring too short Contact spring bent Internal short in epee Body cord wired incorrectly Will not pass the weight test! Possibilities

Weak pressure spring Barrel dented or out of round Will not pass the shim test! Possibilities

Contact Spring is too long Phantom touches Possibilities

Intermittent internal short of the wires due to a loose barrel Metallic flake inside the point Loose wires in the guard socket

Inside a Body Cord - all 3 wires must be attached and all wires must correspond to the same connections on the other end. Inside an epee point.

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