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Utilizing Private Lessons

Last season we had several conversations with parents and fencers. Some wanted to take lessons others did not. Some fencers preferred more lessons while others only wanted to take time for an occasional lesson. As a result, we have decided to offer Private, one on one lessons for any fencer at any level. Private fencing lessons are beneficial for fencers of all levels.

Fencing lessons are physically difficult and very intense intellectually. It allows the coach to work with the students at their specific level and give them a fencing experience that is the best available to get them to the next level. In a private fencing lesson there is time to focus on just one or a few skills, to really zero in on those things that and provide a targeted teaching time. By performing skills in a lesson, then later in class, correct performance will be easier. Be patient with the process and trust that the rewards of refined skill and technique will become apparent. There is nothing that can match the improvements that fencers can see through targeted one-on-one lessons in addition to their class time. Private fencing lessons will supplement the regular curriculum. We will not take way or replace skill instruction in our classes and practices. We recommend that you discuss how private lessons can be incorporated into your training with your club coach.


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