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Front Range Fencing Club fencer doubles up on National Points!

After back-to-back weekends of fencing at the January North American Cup (Division 1 and Junior Events) in Columbus, Ohio and the NCAA Western Invitational at CalTech in Pasadena, California, we recently caught up with Helen L. who started with Front Range Fencing Club back in 2009.

Just coming off some impressive finishes; 16th in Division 1 Women's Epee, 14th in Junior Women's Epee and also helping the Air Force Women's Fencing Team to a three-way tie for 1st Place at the NCAA Western Invitational at CalTech, we asked Helen to reflect on what has helped her achieve such good results. Helen shared, "I would say that strength and conditioning can make a difference. I am definitely in better shape after Basic Cadet Training (basic) than I was before basic and I feel I am able to fence better." She says that basic has also helped with her mental preparation, noting that she is much calmer on the strip now. Helen emphasized, "I owe a lot to Front Range Fencing Club for teaching me how to work hard and be dedicated to fencing. You have to work hard at every practice and put in all the hours to prepare for competition." When asked about how she likes fencing for Air Force, she speaks enthusiastically about the program, "My teammates are amazing. The coaches are incredible and very dedicated to my improvement. There are many opportunities to travel and compete and improve. We have great facilities and the training is hard work but also a lot of fun." We hope to see Helen at Front Range Fencing Club and local tournaments in the future, until then we'll look forward to following Helen and the Air Force Fencing Team at


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