Coach Abdel Salem
At-Large Candidate for
USA Fencing Board of Directors

I want to increase tournament activities with staggered consolation tournaments and presentations that would be of interest to all groups. I feel we can increase instruction for referees, tournament staff, coaches, and parents. I would also like to increase feedback opportunities for these groups so that we may improve US Fencing tournaments.
I will collaborate to push successful management of strategic priorities. We must ensure that we are inclusive and engage all individuals. Supporting SafeSport is a priority for me as I hope it is for every fencer. I want to continue the fight to stop abuse. We should work hard to protect all our members.

I will work to establish leadership that will bring the US Fencing Coaches Association and US Fencing working towards the same goals, while meeting criteria from the US Olympic Committee. We need smart thinking, grounded in scholarship, real-world experience and a visionary approach that will create standards for US coaches that will improve our international leadership.

I want to provide solutions that align with best practices in governance and increase thinking around USA Fencing’s mission fulfillment. As fencing makes its comeback from the closures of the coronavirus, we can improve fencing for everyone. I want to work for you to make USA Fencing even better.
Curriculum Vitae
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I am grateful for my life-long involvement in our sport, as a fencer, parent of a fencer, club and collegiate coach, educator, referee, and USA team leader. After 22 years I recently retired as Head Coach at the US Air Force Academy. All these opportunities have given me qualities that would make me a successful Director for USA Fencing.
While President of the USFCA, I made significant advances in coaching education. I oversaw the redesign of the curriculum for coach testing and practical training. I ensured evaluation was objective and not subjective.
Having worked in clubs with fencers of all ages and ability levels, I am very aware of the needs of all USA Fencing members and how best to grow and promote the sport of fencing in the United States.
My experience as a Referee and Coach for USA Fencing teams has also expanded my ability to promote the organization’s core values. I will work hard to close the gap between fencers, coaches, referees, parents. My hope is to bring these groups together to accomplish many things. Among them, organize programs for each age/gender category that will help with athlete support from interested donors, both individuals and companies.